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By 2006 the weekly podcast became something more than just a stream of consciousness rant mixed with music and musings on world issues. It became topic-focused, specifically on conflicts, under-reported problems, and news that effected human lives.  It ranged from the big to the small and spanned the globe. The guests were more than just talking heads, they were (and are) journalists, activists, ngo workers, observers, scientists, researchers, authors, film makers, poets, historians, and people of all walks of life who spoke based on experience, research, and concern for the world around them. The weekly interview ranged from 30 minutes to however long seemed necessary and the show began to travel, with podcasts recorded in Afghanistan, Georgia, Kosovo, Siberia, Dubai, New Orleans, and beyond. 


The program was one of the first news reporting and interview podcasts on the internet, and remains today the longest running non-commercial independently produced programs of its kind.



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