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Published work

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Radio Open Source:

Arab Artists in a Revolution (audio series from Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon, 2012-2013)


Esquerda.net (Online News, Portugal):

Dutch Elections 2012 (in Portuguese)


Montana Journalism Review:

Revolutions and Citizen Journalism (2011)


Z Magazine Audio Contribution :

Honduras: The Most Dangerous Country (2012)

The Battle for Gaza Gas Reserves (2009)


Guardian Comment Is Free:


Massoud Hossaini's Pulitzer-winning photo: after the world stops looking (2012)

Bravery of a Portuguese War Hero Resonates Today (2011)

Portugal's Green Revolution (2010)

Mongolia's Mineral Wealth is Cause for Concern (2010)

Keep the PVV's Dutch Gains in Perspective (2010)

Hackers of the World Unite (2010)

Dutch Courage in Europe (2009)


United Academics Magazine:


DIY Homesteading (Sept. 2011)

Back to School @ Jalalabad (August 2011)

The Poor Must Be Lazy: And other myths we believe about poverty (June 2011)


The Global Dispatches:


Journey to Ulaan Bataar (July 2010)


Village Voice:

Sacking a Saint (2001)

Dark Angels of a Bogus Catholic Museum (2001)



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