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Page history last edited by Bicyclemark 8 years, 3 months ago

In the fall of 2004 the world of blogging was moving right along.  The network of people; friends, readers, writers, all revolving around the blog had expanded to a large and respectable world. Mark not only kept up with a long list of bloggers, he also explored the blogosphere seeking more opinions and styles of presentation.  At some point the word podcasting appeared.


Originally it was a female-journalism related blog, the name of that blog long forgotten. The blog commonly featued a long list of links to recommend sites, and Tokyo Calling was eventually referred to as a project worth checking out.  For some reason, instead of skipping the link as Mark would often do.. he clicked over.


The link was to Tokyo Calling, a podcast about life in Japan by a person named Scott Lockman, an American expat married to a Japanese women, with three young daughters.  This first recording was a commute, recorded on his small mp3 player, as he made his way across Tokyo via metro.  After hearing the sounds of the journey, will Scott's modest and funny outlook on things, Mark also took note that Scott was recording all this into mp3 format with the help of a cheap mp3 player. He began to seek out more individuals doing this so-called podcasting.  He found Adam Curry's Daily Source Code, and the Dawn and Drew Show.


Not coincidentally, if anyone explored the blogger settings and features back in October 2004, you would find the option to dial a california exchange number where a blogger could leave a message that would appear on the blog seconds later, as an .mp3.  The idea seemed like a fun addition for Bicyclemark's Communique. Without thinking too hard about it, Mark got on his bike and headed to Waterlooplein in the center of Amsterdam, the most nearby spot where he knew he could find a payphone that offered some level of privacy.


The result was a 3 to 5 minute recording of bicyclemark reporting from a payphone in the heart of amsterdam, talking about what is going on in the city, the country, europe and around the world. Usually the topics were issue of human rights abuse and tha the mainstream media was not giving enough attention to. But in between there was always plenty of person details; one of the original point had always been to keep the site and content produced, as closely intertwined with the personal.


After two months of several audioblogs, and a visit to the United States where he purchased an iriver-IFP 700 player/recorder, Mark started 2005 out with his first official podcast.. Bicyclemark's AudioCommunique was born. A ten minute run round of personal observations about life, and global issues of specific concern.  It also regularly referred to the recommended work of text bloggers and other podcasters.


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